Strong Mind Series Bundle (5 Resources)

This bundle contains all resources that were created as part of SACID’s Strong Mind Series.

These 5 workbooks help you to learn skills to look after yourself, build a strong mind, bounce back from hard times and live a happy and healthy life.

These resources are presented in a mix of Easy Read and Plain English format to break down the information and ensure it is easy to understand. It is recommended that the books are completed in order from 1 to 5.

By downloading this bundle you will receive all 5 of the Strong Mind Series resources in an editable PDF format for free. These will be sent to your email inbox where you can choose which ones you would like to click and download.

Note: You will need internet access to be able to open links within the documents


This project was funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services – ILC Grants

Strong Mind Series Book 1 - Healthy Habits

Strong Mind Series Book 2 - Emotions

Strong Mind Series Book 3 - Self Talk

Strong Mind Series Book 4 - Think First

Strong Mind Series Book 5 - Feeling Happy

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