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Public Road Awareness Program

RAP is a powerful, hard-hitting road safety presentation delivered by Firefighters which runs for approximately 100 minutes.

About this Event

Statistics show that road crashes are one of the major causes of death and serious injury for 16-24 years olds in South Australia. Whilst there is a significant downward trend in the fatalities for this age group as road safety education reach increases, the statistics for fatalities in other age groups remain static.

Through the South Australia Metropolitan Fire Service (MFS) Road Awareness Program (RAP), we can work towards keeping our mates safe on the roads with an honest and straightforward concentration and common sense message.

A firefighter from the MFS will be visiting to speak with you about:

  • good attitudes, smart decision making and safe behaviours
  • the dangers of excessive speeds, distractions and driving under the influence
  • being a responsible passenger and pedestrian
  • becoming a responsible driver
  • first-hand experience of the trauma suffered by all parties involved in both fatal and non-fatal road crashes

Firefighters also address the lasting trauma from injuries and fatalities, including the ongoing impacts of loss and disability for victims and families. A central element of the program is a talk by a real life road crash survivor who will implore you to learn from his or her mistakes.

The program is specifically designed to give participants a hard-hitting, realistic insight into road trauma. Consequently, the presentation includes video footage and photographs of real crashes with victims as well as recreations. The video footage is graphic, but has been edited to ensure suitability for adult audiences. It is not recommended for people under the age of 16 years. Some material may be upsetting, particularly for those who have personal experience of road trauma. Participants are warned before being exposed to graphic footage.

Past participants who’ve experienced the program describe it as “confronting” and “hard-hitting”. Many report that it has an enormous positive impact, not only in their approach to road use, but in their attitude as responsible and selfless members of society. We believe that after completing the RAP, people are equipped with a broader understanding of how their choices impact others, and how they can support each other to make better decisions.


Participants should note the following conditions:

  • The Road Awareness Program (RAP) presentation runs for approximately 100 minutes.
  • Participants must be 16 years or older (unless previously negotiated with the Metropolitan Fire Service).
  • Vehicle parking is not available at Adelaide Fire Station. Please plan your travel and parking arrangements.
  • Please arrive 15 minutes prior to the start time. Attendees arriving late may not be admitted into the station.

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10 Dec 2020


6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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Adelaide Fire Station
99 Wakefield Street Adelaide, SA 5000


SA Metropolitan Fire Service
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