Towards Inclusion

Researchers from the University of Melbourne invite people with disability, family members of people with disability, parents/guardians of children and young people with disability (under age 25) a staff who work in a range of local community services to take part in a research study.  

They are interested in:  

1.       How do people with disability, family members and community services experience living in their community? 

2.       What factors promote inclusive communities? 

3.       What makes it harder and easier to achieve inclusive communities? 

Participating in this research involves four focus group sessions over a twelve-month period.   These focus groups will inform the development of an Inclusive Communities Framework. 

Click here for more information and a link to a brief survey to express your interest in participating. 

You will be paid for your time participating.

For more information, please contact the responsible researcher Dr Lyndal Hickey via email: or phone 03 8344 1108. 

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