Safeguarding Task Force Interim Report Released

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A must read for people with disability, family members and service providers

Safeguarding Task Force Interim Report.

“Members of the Task Force want to emphasise that the ways in which a person with a disability connects to others and is able to direct and control what happens in their own life will proactively avoid abuse and neglect.
By creating a good life you are preventing abuse.”

The interim report from the Safeguarding Task Force has identified 12 safeguarding gaps and 5 recommendations with a focus on preventative measures to reduce incidences of abuse and neglect.

How is the balance between reducing risk and providing dignity, freedom and individual agency best supported in practical terms?

At SACID, we will also be pushing for an Easy Read version of this report to be produced to ensure people with intellectual disability and others are able to understand this vital safeguarding information.

The interim report can be read via the link below. While long, it is written clearly and key gaps and recommendations are highlighted.

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