We are hiring! – Casual Inclusion Advisor

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Could you be the newest member of our SACID team?

This job is for a person with intellectual disability in Adelaide.

You will work on making our community better for people with intellectual disability.

An Inclusion Advisor works with our Project Officers.

You might work on a few different projects at SACID.

Things you will do in the job:

  • You will help to co-design resources and workshops.
  • You will help run workshops.
  • You will help with our other events.

How to apply for this job:

If you would like to apply for the job of Inclusion Advisor you must answer the questions on the application form.

It is ok for someone to help you complete the application but please make sure the answers are your own.

Send your answers to Felicity Crowther by Monday 4th of September 2023.
You can send your answers by:

Email: admin@sacid.org.au

302 South Road
Hilton SA 5033

If you need help to apply you can contact SACID
Email: admin@sacid.org.au
Phone: 08 8352 4416

For more information look at the job description below

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