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Pictured above: Photo of Aerina Yun and Tim Adam speaking at the SACID Conference. There is a screen with the Cyber Wise logo in the background. 

Cyber Wise online training is now available.

Cyber Wise helps people to learn how to use the internet and technology more safely.

The course was co-designed by people with intellectual disability.

It is for people with intellectual disability.

Cyber Wise talks about:

  • What is Online Safety?
  • Your rights and responsibilities online.
  • Cyber security.
  • Cyber abuse.
  • Online dating.

There is an Easy Read booklet for participants to fill out as they learn.

This is available in PDF or you can order a copy from SACID.

A Cyber Wise Facilitator Guide is also available for support people to help individuals or groups to do the Cyber Wise Course. 


The Cyber Wise project was funded by the Australian Communication Consumer Action Network (ACCAN).


Visit the Cyber Wise page for more information.

Do you have some questions about Cyber Wise? Contact SACID.

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